Our Mission

Take that game back is more than just four words.

It’s a movement. Our mission is to bring the beautiful game back to the fans 

Why do mainstream media slate football?

Because they feel some entitlement that they can make up all the lies with their power. And with this that people will turn against the game and completely disregard the passion.. the flares.. that epic stoppage time goal and celebrating with that random co-fan you don’t even know..

We are out to say they don’t have that right . They have no power like we do. We unite for the beautiful game and we are not out to tear it down! We as the fans own football! It’s time to take the real voice of football back to the fans!

That club supporter who goes to every home game win or lose owns football.

The coaches and back-staff of that club own football.

The unsung heroes and volunteers on and off the field own football.

The dedicated writers and reporters who love this game own it.

All of you, own the game.

Take that game back!

Tanner Coad & Kai Richardson