Stone Cold Joel wins it late for Strikers

Devonport players celebrate the winning goal

Devonport Strikers have defeated Kingborough Lions in a gutsy but convincing 2-1 win in the NPL TAS at Valley Road.

Devonport got the lead through forward Max Fitzgerard in the second half. Kingborough’s Keenan Douce scored a brilliant equaliser but was soon outdone by a late free kick from the home side’s Joel Stone to give the Strikers the win.

Lion’s keeper Kenneth Perkinson was on the other end of a tackle from Striker’s forward Miles Barnard. Barnard was lucky enough to walk away with caution. Perkinson was far from impressed with this. Perkinson approached the referees and tried to argue his case, but was given a yellow card for dissent.

The battle scars from Perkinson, courtersy of Barnard. Thanks to Kenneth for sending this through.

Striker’s Eddie Bidwell went down in the box in the second half when he was fouled late. Fitzgerarld stepped up and finished past Perkinson in the bottom right.

Lions found a shock equaliser in the 78th minute. Keenan Douce shot from range after noticing Striker’s keeper Nathan Pitchford off his line. Sure enough it sailed home over Pitchford’s head to make the scores 1-1.

Douce (13) celebrates his equaliser with teammates

Devonport would get their lead back late when Joel Stone finished a free kick in the top right corner in the 83rd minute.

Striker’s Coach Rick Coghlan spoke to TTGB after the final whistle.

This is a huge win,” Coghlan said.

“Full credit to Lions for making it a hard fought game.

“Joel’s {Stone} free kick was unbelievable.”

Lions Coach Jez Kenth also spoke to TTGB after the match.

“One thing I did enjoy was when we went one goal down we came back harder,” Kenth said.

“Keenan’s {Douce} goal was great and Kenny {Perkinson} played well but the end result is disappointing.”

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