Time for the decider Olympia v Zebras WSL Title match

Olympia’s Bonnie Davies

After nineteen rounds we come to the final match-day of the WSL TAS season. Luck has it we have the two teams in 1st and 2nd fighting it out to decide the title winner. 1st Hobart Zebras FC hosting second placed Olympia FC Warriors.

With no NPL TAS games in the South on Saturday, there is every reason for a good attendance.

The Women’s Super League this season has been a pleasure to watch and cover. The girls give just as much {if not more} effort than the men and that’s a credit to the women at every club.

You could say that Zebras perhaps have a home ground advantage at KGV but Olympia also play on artificial turf at Warrior Park so it’s an even split there.

The Ladder

Minus the goal difference, just look how close these two teams are.

15 2 2 106 22 84 47
OlympiaW D L FR AG GD PT
15 2 2 77 16 61 47

Season results

Round 1: Zebras 2 – Warriors 3

Round 6 : Warriors 2 – Zebras 2

Round 15 Warriors 3 – Zebras 0

Their wins, draws and losses may not be separated but Olympia go into this undefeated against the Zebras. But Hobart need only a draw to win the title for their higher goal-difference.

key players


Allie Berry



Allie has certainly came back to the Zebras with a point to prove. After taking time off for the birth of her child last season, Berry has stormed back into form with a whopping 26 goals for the season. Berry will certainly be the key to finding the net if they are to lift the title come Saturday.

Allie Berry
Tanner Coad

Zoe Nichols

Center Forward

Zoe in her own right as well has had a fantastic season at the Zebras. 27 goals in 2019. Nichols is quick on her feet and loves a long range hit so the Warriors will need to try keep her quiet if they are going to shut out the brilliance she could bring come game day.

Zoe Nichols
Tanner Coad


Bonnie Davies

Bonnie is a joy to watch on the ball. Her pace and skill have led her to notching 16 goals for the season. You know your gonna have your work cut out when Davies gets onto one of her runs down the wing and crosses/shoots for glory.

(l) Bonnie Davies and Kingborough’s Laura Davis

Madi Chambers


Chambers has also bagged 16 goals which is some feat for two wingers to combine like that. Perhaps her best feat was when she was named Football Tasmania’s 2019 NTC player of the tournament. Zebras are really gonna have to try keep Chambers and Davies closed down if they want to lift the championship crown.

Madi Chambers

I honestly can’t split these two teams. I’ve seen both live and they are a joy to watch. The two teams are a great example of how development can be used right in women’s football.

Both coaches can be very proud of their teams efforts this season.

Be there to witness just how far women’s football has come. Not just in Tasmania but Australia.