Besart Berisha : Why did you sign for Western United? :(

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Besart Berisha. A name that has been iconic in the Hyundai A-League’s history. After an unsuccessful stint with Japanese J1-League’s Sanfrecce Hiroshima. Berisha has decided to return to Australia.

But it’s not where you’d think.

When I first heard the news that Hiroshima released Bes I was guttered for him. The man took a real gamble leaving Melbourne Victory and chase another overseas club, and sadly it didn’t pay off.

So when the news broke that Berisha was back in talks with the Vuck I was estatic.

But sadly ecstasy turned to realism.

Bes was never gonna get the opportunities with such a hugely rebuilt squad. So it fell through.

Fast forward to today, AFL Grand Final Day.

I’m scrolling the social media feeds and this suddenly pops up!

I’ll be honest. I first thought the following..

What the f**k?!

Granted the Victory homecoming wasn’t going to work with the likes of Ola Toivenen and Andrew Nabbout leading the line.

But why does it have to be another Melbourne club?!

*insert sad face emoji*

I don’t know what to think. Do I now continue to cheer the man I waited hours to meet at a training session at Gosch’s Paddock and cheered for four seasons?

Myself and Bes after a training session.
Photo credit Tanner Coad

Or do I now boo the enemy playing for an upcoming rival club.

My heart will no doubt sink if he does score against us at AAMI Park. I can handle the closed celebration without emotion, but that’s not what Bes is like. He loves scoring goals.

So I can see the passion winning for Berisha in this one, he will likely run over to the North End and shout “You didn’t want me!”

Maybe not along those lines but this is football.

Bottom line, Besart Berisha is back in the A-League and he will lineup for the newest club in the competition.

Western United.

I want him to have a good run with the club, but please no goals against the Vuck.

116 goals in his previous seven seasons between Brisbane Roar and Melbourne Victory. Who know’s what the A-League’s all time leading goal scorer has in store for season 2019-20.

Welcome back home Besart, it’s just not where I thought you would restart your career at!