My New Found Love – Western United

It’s the start of a new era in the Hyundai A-League.

The beginning of what I hope to be a proud future in which leads to a great history. I personally love the chosen colours of green and black Stripes. A big International kit brand, Kappa.

For me, it’s something special, I have never taken an interest in the A-League at all.

My past with the A-League is picking a team and saying, “Yep I’ll go for them” but honestly I couldn’t of cared less.

Those two teams were Melbourne Victory and Melbourne City (personally hated the Heart name).

Why both Victorian teams, Born in Victoria, Sunshine Hospital to be exact.

So I have always been drawn to Victoria. Lived most of my life in Tasmania though.

I’ve followed AFL for all my life, it’s been the biggest sport in my family to watch and play at home.

Funnily enough I don’t barrack for a Victorian team, but that’s a whole different story.

Back to the A-League. I always bought the EA Sports FIFA series for my Sony Playstation. FIFA05 is what I remember most. Couldn’t watch a game of soccer, but would happily play it on console.

Along comes 2019. Something happened and something changed my entire outlook on the world of football.

My best mate said that there was a new team coming to the A-League. When he normally talks about soccer, I normally zone out why he talked “soccer”.

But this was different. I felt compelled to source out this new team he mentioned “Western United”.

Who were they?

Where about in Australia are they based? (my original thought was WA based, boy was i wrong)

What’s the logo? The Colours?.

I literally sussed all this out within 10 minutes.

Found and boom!

Logo – A+++++

Colours – A+++++

Melbourne – A+++++

Kit – A+++++

Instantly hooked, no more saying “Yep, I’ll go for them”.

This was different, in my heart I knew this was something really special.

I felt Western United FC was born for me.

The logo is not a traditional shield logo but a modern free standing logo. The colours and thought process of the W is something to behold.

The fact they are Based in Melbourne is another big win. So travel for games wouldn’t be an issue!

Onto the kit designs. The home strip green and black stripes with the all black on the back, perfection.

The away strip. Love at first sight and when I read into the reason behind the design, it just made so much sense.

Western United FC in a whole is me. It’s hard to explain, but it suits me and how I like to hold myself to a high standard.

(Supporting Port Adelaide FC in AFL, probably doesn’t help you think that way).

The strive for greatness, the goal to be the best, To be on top of your competition. To be the best you can be. 

All that is what I feel with Western United FC, the strive for greatness. To bring a sense of passion and pride to yourself and the team.

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I will tell you now, I’m hooked and have a New Found love.

For the Australian football first tier and Western United.

I had no hesitation becoming an inaugural member and invested in buying both the home & away jerseys!

This is special to me, and with no doubt to my best friend as well.

Want to find out what else is special?

Well you’ll just have to stay tuned..

Go Western United FC! 

Written by Strixlife (WUFC fan)