Baccus and the Football God get WSW home.. away!

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I always look forward to this clash. The Vuck of Melbourne vs The West of Sydney. Means a bit more to me as one of our writers and good friend of mine Dan Bowerman is a WSW fanatic.

Bragging rights.

Some crazy selection news before kickoff. Our star Adama Traore was given the spot on the pine in opt of Corey Brown.

Yep I just wrote that..

Was said on Fox Sports that he pulled up sore from the dire Derby and needed the precaution taken.

It nearly started with a bang when Victory’s King of Rock and Roll Elvis Kamsoba had a great cheeky chip in the opening minutes but the Swiss keeper Daniel Lopar tapped it over the bar.

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I could of done with some early Elvis hits after last weeks VAR overruling on that great goal/40 backflip celebrations that never was.

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In the 20th minute WSW’s Alex Meier thought he had scored an absolute banger off the upright. Referee Alex King waved it away for a foul committed prior to the shot.. Thank f**k for that, I had my hand in my heart for a brief moment on that one. And when i say hand in my heart I mean I was punching my bedsheets in anger.

Of course Meier had more tricks up his sleeve before the break. Former Vuck player Danny Georgievski whipped in a good cross but the Football God couldn’t convert his header!

The reformed North End fans of Vuck gave him hell on that miss!


ITS SO GOOD TO SEE THE NORTH END PUMPING AGAIN. Excuse the caps but passionate fans can make the game more and more enjoyable then it already is!

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Nabbout gave the only appeal for a penalty kick right before the break for an apparent foul in a challenge with him and Danny G. That was quickly waved away by the ref and the fans for a no contest.

Half time 0-0.

Football God missed another header in the opening minutes of the second half. I just know if I keep repeating his misses he will score.

And I will rage of course but my Fantasy A-League points will smile..

WSW’s Mohamed Adam attempted a crazy bike attempt straight after from a corner delivery but only got as far as Nabbout’s face! I mean right in the freaking gob..

Adam earned a yellow ticket, Nabbout will likely wake up with a black eye tomorrow..

That. Looked. Nasty.

Nabbout nearly scored down the wing in the 50th minute but Lopar stood out like a Lindt chocolate block at Martin Place (Sydney) and saved it down to ground.

WSW’s Keanu Baccus of all people opened up the scoring in the 54th minute. Adam set up Baccus and he launched it over Thomas’s head from outside the box with an absolute banger of a goal for the 1-0 lead.

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“UNSTOPPABLE” says Speedy..

I’ll give credit on the ping, was a brilliant hit.

But instead of punching the bed I YELL F**k off at the top of my lungs so loud i hear echos in my room..

Anyway that goal didn’t dampen the fans of my Victory and the North End raised their levels even louder!

Would we see a equaliser?

Sub time and Jakob Poulson & Kristijan Dobras are replaced by the Albanian Migjen Basha and King Kenny Athiu.

Dobras is fast becoming an underwhelming signing, i’m yet to see that spark..

Meier opened his A-League account in the 61st minute after Lawrence Thomas was caught off his line and the Football God lobbed it home.

Told ya it would happen..

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2-0 down at home with half an hour to play.

When will Kurz’s men step the f**k up? 69th minute came along and we appealed for another penalty but it was waved away. 1 minute later… PENALTY TO VICTORY! WSW’s Dylan McGowan with the handball in the box Up steps Ola, F**king slot it home!!

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GOAL!!!! Bottom right corner past Lopar and it’s game on!

WE HAVE A FOOTBALL GOD TOO, HIS NAME IS Ola Toivonen!! 2-1 down with just under 15 to go..

Elvis completed a 100m dash plus more in the 80th minute to thread through Nabbout. All he had to do was shoot! He made it more difficult for himself and his shot was soon shut down by 3 defenders.

AHHHHHHHH that would of been so freaking good.

Thomas Deng attempted a Superman header off a corner delivery in the 86th minute but only got as far as a Wanderers wall.

Toivenen had a great dig from at least halfway off a setpiece but it went wide.

Another great chance for Vuck in stoppage time with some great combo play between Elvis and Ola, but somehow Athiu didn’t get the memo that he shouldn’t backheel it to no one.

Free kick in the 93rd freaking minute for the Vuck. Brown’s delivery is good but can’t find a header.

FULL TIME it sounded and Wanderers get a huge away win 2-1 at Superhero brand stadium.

My Vuck MOTM is Elvis for all his tireless efforts.

WSW MOTM is Baccus for that insane hit.

Well that is all from this devastated Victory fan.

Congrats to WSW, that’s huge confidence for them going into a huge Sydney Derby.

As for Melbourne.. where the VUCK are we?

Written by Tanner Coad (Victory fan)