Thursday night results – 13th Feb 2020


Kingborough Lions 0 drew with Glenorchy Knights 0 (Knights won 4-3 on penalties)

Kingborough’s Luke Bighin
Credit Tanner Coad
Knight’s Connor Schmidt and Lion’s Chris Downes
Credit Tanner Coad
Lion’s defender Danny Cowen clears before Lion’s Keeper Jake Hayers can get to it
Credit Tanner Coad
Knight’s Matthew Nowicki heads the ball away in a contest with teammate Thomas Young
Credit Tanner Coad

Knights shot takers

Thomas Young (Hayers saves) 0-0
George Hallard (scored) 1-0 *pictured below in slideshow
Eduardo Castaneda (scored) 2-0 *pictured below in slideshow
Tyler Harrison (scored) 3-1 *pictured below in slideshow
Joshua Burgess (hit the post) 3-2 *pictured below in slideshow
Jack Bowman (scored) 4-3 *pictured below in slideshow

Lions shot takers

Chris Downes (Lachlan Hart saves 0-0)

Shane Cartwright (Save from Hart) 0-1 *pictured below in slideshow

Danny Cowen (scores) 2-1 *pictured below in slideshow

Javier Verdu Sanchez (scores) 2-3

Keenan Douce (scores) 3-3 *pictured below in slideshow

Jackson Nugent (shoots over the bar 3-4) *pictured below in slideshow

Credit Tanner Coad