Saturday results – 15th Feb 2020


Glenorchy Knights 1 defeated by FC Strathmore Split 2 at KGV Park,

Goal scorers

Strathmore: Sime Brzoja x2

Knights : Ryan Backhouse

FC Strathmore Split paid their respects to Mustafa Ozdem who was a relative of one of the Strathmore players. 
Credit Tanner Coad
Glenorchy Knights team photo
Credit Tanner Coad
From Left: Knight’s Captain Jordan Muller, Tony Peart, Brenton Kopra, Nathan Coad and FC Strathmore Split’s Captain Joshua Brekalo Credit Tanner Coad
Sime Brzoja celebrates with his teammates after his first goal of the day
Credit Tanner Coad
Referee Brenton Kopra explains his decision to FC Strathmore’s Andelo Svalina
Credit Tanner Coad

Coaches FC Strathmore’s Hrvoje Matkovic and Knight’s James Sherman give the orders to their respective clubs. Credit Tanner Coad

FC Strathmore’s Caner Ucarli
Credit Tanner Coad
Glenorchy Knight’s Fergus Aitken heads away
Credit Tanner Coad
Don’t let your eyes fool you, that is two balls on the pitch. I believe it might of blown on the pitch by accident. Sime Brzoja didn’t have a problem shooting the right game ball past Knight’s keeper Lachlan Hart.
Credit Tanner Coad
Some Sulphur crested Cockatoos fly over KGV Park. Many thanks to Walter Pless for helping me identify these.
Credit Tanner Coad

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