COVID-19 brings football comes to a standstill

Olympia FC Warrior’s home ground Warrior Park on a clear Summer’s Day in 2018
Credit Tanner Coad

The month of March usually means it’s time for the association football regular season to kick off in Australia.

Unfortunately a big thing called COVID-19 (Corona Virus) came around and it has spread quicker than any of us would ever of suspected.

By now we are used to having the pre-season/ Summer Cup competitions done and dusted so the players have minutes in their legs and can hit the field ready for Round 1.

Easier said than done this time around.

We may not get a sight like this again this season.
Taken back in 2015 at KGV for the Lakoseljac Cup Final between Hobart Zebras v South Hobart Credit Tanner Coad

At first it appeared that these halts would be minor. A couple games to be rescheduled and some catch-ups matches later on.

Then the virus got worse.

Suddenly we had leagues like the EPL even ruling out teams handshaking which I have to say looked very awkward on TV.

And perhaps the worst news of the lot.

The Italian government ordered all sporting events to be played behind closed doors until April 3rd, which meant the Derby d’Italia (Inter Milan v Juventus) would not have any fans in attendance.

You had to feel for Juventus’s Paulo Dybala who showed some impressive skills to score the winning goal in the game too.

So I did some thinking and left myself with one question.

Did FFA do the right thing calling off grassroots football until deemed safe to play again?

Well my answer to that is yes.

The Jersey’s will have to wait. Pictured last year in the Blundstone Arena club rooms for South Hobart’s FFA Cup match v Marconi Stallions.
Credit Tanner Coad

The players health and safety have to come first so kudos to FFA for doing the right thing.

We need to tackle this serious issue the right way.

I don’t know when we will be able to go to games again but I think it’s important that we should be prepared for the worst.

Until we can guarantee the safety of all involved then we can not resume regular competitions.

It sucks yes I know but sadly we aren’t in control with this global pandemic.

Southern FC keeper last season Thomas Plunkett
Credit Tanner Coad

Let’s just hope a cure is found and we can all get back into the stands and see some quality football.

Lord knows I already am trying to work out my weekend plans for the next month with no NPL TAS, WSL or Community football to cover.

The one moment I am holding on for when I hear the first whistle to commence a game’s kickoff.

Then i can breathe a sigh of relief that the beautiful game is back.

I don’t know how long we will be without football but we must be prepared at all costs for the long haul.