NPL TAS & Southern Championship trials results

SC : South Hobart 4 (42′, 64′, 72′ J.Divin, 85′ C.Verdouw) d Clarence Zebras 1 (45′ A.Coutinho)

Thank you to Benjamin Smith for helping me confirm the scorers.

Simon Stankovich (Zebras)
observes social distancing when celebrating his goal Credit Tanner Coad
SH’s Josh Divin (middle) celebrates one of his goals Credit Tanner Coad
Divin prepares to volley what would be his first eventual goal Credit Tanner Coad
Such a picturesque day today Credit Tanner Coad

NPL TAS Trials : South Hobart 4 d Clarence Zebras 2

South goalscorers : Nick Morton, Tom Walpole x2 and Samson Juju

Zebras : Lachie Burt and Matthew Pace

Samson Juju gives thanks after scoring his goal Credit Tanner Coad
Zebra’s Dwayne Walsh attempts to chip South keeper Mark Moncur. For the record it only just missed the left post Credit Tanner Coad
South’s hero for the day Tom Walpole shot the ball through the legs of Zebras keeper Nathan Reid for his 2nd goal Credit Tanner Coad
South players get around Nick Morton pictured 3rd from right as he gets his goal. From left Bradley Lakoseljac, Kasper Hallam, Nick Morton, Ewan Larby, Sam Berezansky Sam Tooze and Kobe Kemp Credit Tanner Coad
Zebra’s Jayden Hey (no 10) and Matthew Pace (no 17) celebrate Pace’s goal Credit Tanner Coad
Zebras Coach David Smith was far from impressed from a earlier challenge by Nick Morton on a Zebras defender Credit Tanner Coad

I have to say that this weekend has been so much fun. 3 months we have been away from football and now we are finally back!

Thank you to the entire Tasmanian football community for welcoming us back over the weekend, doing what we love so much.

Promoting football and sharing that happiness that it gives to so many players, staff and fans alike.

It was so great to catch up with some old faces and new ones today. For that I am very grateful.

I will say this however we still need to put social distancing into action as much as possible to prevent COVID-19 breaking out again.

We don’t want to be away from football for this long again and not doing this could give us more time away from the game. And no one wants that.

People didn’t seem to social distance as good at KGV park on Saturday compared to Wentworth Park today.

So i encourage all to keep putting SD into practise, keep washing those hands and stay well.

And if you are showing the symptoms of COVID-19, get tested.

Tanner Coad.