South Hobart break the Lakoseljac Cup rulebook!

South Hobart will have to defeat Kingborough all over again if they want to be in the final four teams for the Lakoseljac Cup

Controversy was the main word spelt at Football Tasmania today with the news that South Hobart had breached rule s1.12 of the 2020 Statewide Cup rules in their Lakoseljac Cup quarter-final 3-2 victory over Kingborough last Sunday.

Therefore the result has been stripped from the record and SH will not be going to the semis.

Due to this the Lakoseljac Cup quarter-final with South Hobart v Kingborough will have to be replayed at a later date.

Allow me to breakdown all the details.

So what happened exactly?

South Hobart’s Kasper Hallam was listed as starting but was ruled out before kick-off, due to an apparent injury. Tobias Herweynen who was originally a substitute took Hallam’s spot but the change was not added to the team-sheet submitted to the officials.

(L) Tobias Herweynen looks on while (c) Kasper Hallam prepares to sprint pictured back in March

It’s believed to be the case that is assistant referee Tony Peart showed the mistake on the team- sheet to center referee Montgomery Piesse at half-time.

Football Tasmania statement

FT released the following this morning.

Football Tasmania has determined that The Lakoseljac Cup quarter-final match between South Hobart and Kingborough will be replayed due to a breach of s1.12 of the 2020 Statewide Cup Rules:

โ€œ1.12 Team Sheets
The team sheet must contain the names and shirt numbers of the players taking part in the match, including the names of the nominated substitutes AND all team officials.โ€

In accordance with Law 3 section 5 of the FIFA Laws of the Game, the match continued with no sanction against any player at the time, and the matter was reported to Football Tasmania for attention.

Football Tasmania accepts that the breach was an administrative error, however to preserve the integrity of the competition the match will be replayed.

The replay will be mid-week at a time and venue to be determined with the semi final draw and matches to take place as scheduled.

Okay but what happens next? Do South get fined or disqualified?

Despite the breach, there is no penalty listed in the Statewide Cup competition rules for a violation like this. FT decided that replaying the match would be the appropriate action to take.

What about players that were booked last weekend… are they now eligible to play?

Lion’s Joel Sammut was given a red card in last weekend’s quarter-final vs South Hobart. With the result now being null and void, Sammut should be eligible but there is no confirmation on that yet.

Lions and South respond

Lion’s coach Jez Kenth

Kingborough’s Coach Jez Kenth had the following to say.

“I appreciate it’s not an ideal scenario,” Kenth said.

“The outcome most likely doesn’t help both teams with having to play an extra match. We already have such a tight schedule.

“Is it a breach or not.. that’s FT’s decision. Whether it’s a right or convenient decision that will be left to people’s interpretation.”

South Hobart’s President Vicki Morton released this statement on Facebook earlier this morning.

“Dear South Hobart FC family,” Morton said.

Please see the below determination from Football Tasmania.

“We believe this to be a fair outcome and thank Kingborough Lions and Football Tasmania for their discussions with us.

“We look forward to an exciting replay.

“As club President I accept full responsibility for this error and all communications should be directed to me.”

Victoria Morton President South Hobart FC

Final thoughts

Today’s news sure paints some picture going forward. Along with the rule break infringement South Hobart will be kicking themselves that they have to defeat Kingborough Lions all over again, keeping in mind they have done that twice this season in NPL and the Lakoseljac Cup.

A quarter-final victory that was once memorable has now become a game South will want to forget.

Kingborough Lions’ will be happy they get a second chance at their Lakoseljac Cup hopes but at the same time puzzled how this has happened. Not to mention how it came to such a decision to replay the game.

Lion’s Danny Cowen is taken out by South’s Sam Tooze in their last NPL encounter

2020 Lakoseljac Cup semi-finals

Olympia Warriors v Launceston City at Warrior Park

Glenorchy Knights v South Hobart or Kingborough Lions

Statewide cups draw report to follow

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