Before kickoff, there was a minute silence observed for the passing of former Knights’ player and life member IBRO CAHUT. Clubs he played with in the 80’s and 90’s included Brisbane City, Wollongong City, Brisbane United/Strikers and Brunswick Juventus. He also represented and captained Tasmanian state teams, senior teams in Queensland and played in the UK second division for Reading.

Before we get into our results and report. I want to share a important tale of events

This has to be said. Yes we are all so happy to have football back.. so why are we doing the exact wrong thing in the process which could lead to the season’s end?

Yesterday at Wentworth Park, there was barely any social distancing being observed from patrons in attendance. This was so disappointing to see as this could lead to Tasmanians possibly having a second wave of COVID-19.

I refer back to this statement Football Tasmania released back in March.

With all sports being suspended back in March due to our outbreak, this could very well happen again and may leave Football Tasmania no choice but to call off the 2020 season.

We don’t want that to happen..

I get that it can be hard for clubs to enforce, I am not putting the blame on them. There are signs at every game on the dangers and recommended precautions to take, hand sanitisers and in some instances a COVID-19 check in list to make sure everyone is safe to enter without symptoms.

So be smart and be safe, wash your hands, use hand sanitiser and keep 1.5 metres apart when able.

I place no blame on the Clarence Zebras football club in any shape or form for yesterday’s events this sadly comes down to the fans not doing the right thing.

Now onto the football!

Riverside Olympic 1 (Tom Prince 39′) defeated by Olympia Warriors 3 (Lucas Hill 31′,Austin Yost 43′, Jake Vanderway 80′ (pen) at Windsor Park

South Hobart 1 (Nick Morton 76′) defeated by Devonport Strikers 4 (Joel Stone 12′, Connor Parke 33′,Eddie Bidwell 35′ 68′ at D’Arcy St.

Launceston City 1 (Sam Ridgard 27′) defeated by Kingborough Lions 2 (Adam McKeown 70′ 86′) at Buckby Landrover Park.

Clarence Zebras 0 defeated by Glenorchy Knights 3 (Alex Walter 16′ 50, Oscar Thomas 29′) at Wentworth Park. Match report

Zebras’ goalkeeper Nick O’ Connell was welcomed back into the starting XI. Unfortunately for him it wasn’t the party he was expecting.
A dejected O’ Connell walks back to his post while the jubliant trio of Knights’ Alex Walter (17), Thomas Young (center) and Joffery Nkoso (10) celebrate
Zebras’ Luke Huigsloot attempts to get out of danger while Knights’ Jordan Muller is on a obscure angle in wait
The entire background of onlookers and neutrals take watch on the battle between Joffery Nkoso and Zebras’ starting debutant Deans Bloomsfield.